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Check out this amazing flier illustrated and colored by David "New & Bold" Newbold!

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Of course, if you've been to the website, you've seen it plastered all over the place! You can also click the "CHARACTERS" link there to read more about our roster, including the man himself.

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Hopefully, more to come!

Mortal Wounds page preview...
Here's a little taste of something... odd. This is "Odds", a villain we'll meet in "Mortal Wounds", written by yours truly and illustrated by "King" David Newbold!

Odds likes odd numbers, so he's glad to see you have five fingers. No, wait... Ten fingers. Hmm, that won't do.

Mortal Wounds is the story of Cascade, a super-hero who is finally realizing that being Judge, Jury, and Executioner saves a lot of time and energy.

    Cascade is a hero at the end of his rope. After years of fighting the good fight, only to see mass-murderers escape justice time and again, he's starting to take the law into his own hands. This one man will discover what it truly feels like to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. A domino effect of murder and conspiracy follows, affecting his career and personal life in ways he never imagined. See what happens when the world's single most influential anti-hero seizes control of his city in a bloody coup that will forever change how you look at super-human comics.
Cascade: This headstrong hero has reached his breaking point. Always one to charge into battle, Cascade now finds himself questioning these deeds as murders and marauders return time and again to restart their criminal careers. Not one to sit on the sidelines, he often finds a cold and direct solution to any given issue.

The Councilmen…

Along with Cascade, these five super-humans of incredible power make up "The Councilmen"!

Ambassador: The star-spangled Ultra-Patriotic leader of the Councilmen, Ambassador is a tough-as-nails brute whose sense of morality is almost as impenetrable as his hide.

Dr. Ion: An expert in science and technology, Dr. Ion is a genius to rival History's greats. Her highly advanced costume provides a variety of awe-inspiring effects.

Groundbreaker: Huge, muscular, unstoppable. These words best describe Groundbreaker, the team's heavy-hitter. With a "wrecking ball" theme, he quickly breaks through enemy ranks.

Klaxon: With his full-body armor, Klaxon is sometimes known as "The Human Generator". His nuclear-powered exoskeleton creates anything from devastating blasts to helpful illumination.

Unidentified Man: The dark, mysterious, robe-clad member of the group, U.M. likes to keep to the shadows, hissing out threats as his enemies go insane with fear.

The Vigilantes…

What role will these killer anti-heroes play in this strange chain of events?

Bacteria: The woman who makes you incredibly ill, Bacteria lived a life of sickness and fatigue until she learned she could "share" her maladies with the criminal element.

Collarbone: Preferring to work in strange ways, Collarbone has perfected high-tech collars that allow him to "check in" on any given criminal he locks one onto.

Hatchetman: Hatchetman loves hatchets.

Mausoleum: In armor resembling gothic archetecture, Mausoleum sees himself as a champion for the dead. He avenges murder with swift and unrelenting action.

Mr. Mock: The off-kilter, odd man known simply as "Mr. Mock" is an expert when it comes to changing his appearance. He can be anyone, and often is!

Remorse: Over-armed and all too ready to open fire, Remorse breaks up hives of criminals, opening with his favorite line, "Have you no remorse?"

The Hass Family…

When Cascade isn't "Cascade", these are the people who know him best!

Charles: Cascade's alter ego, Charles has trouble putting aside his "might makes right" attitude when he's not fighting crime. He's alienated almost everyone around him due to the absolute belief that his way is always the right way and his opinions are always the correct ones. He doesn't form healthy connections with others, seeing a family or circle of friends much like a roster of secondary players.

Maggie: Charlie's ex-wife, Maggie has little time these days for his eccentricities and poor attitude. She's moving on with her life and is trying to forget the Hell he put her through after many unexpected "outbursts" due to his secret day job. She's probably the only person making progress within the family.

Lily: Charlie and Maggie's daughter, Lily, wears the scars of her parents' toxic relationship. Now a teenager, she's decided to leave Maggie and her rules behind in order to exploit Charlie's need to show he's the "better" parent. Though she walks over Charlie to a certain degree, there's a definite tipping point.


You have to be pretty awful to survive in this universe…

Donkey: This slick, slimy crook is known in many criminal circles, though nobody will say why. He has a general sense of danger about him, but claims no crimes as his own... save for a trumped up fraud case which was all the authorities could make "stick".

Odds: Demented to the core, Odds is a broken individual whose only interest is odd numbers. His obsession sees him pressing odd numbered keys, counting objects, and forever adding to his body count, which never seems to reach an adequate total.

Puppet: Wearing a wooden mask and carved, taloned gauntlets, Puppet only seems capable of following the influence of others. He is a killer who does not hesitate, which can make him a monster depending upon who's pulling the strings.

Razorwire: A boistrous cowboy at heart, Razorwire wears dual wristbands that extend out into razor-sharp whips. Though he's not usually one to outright slaughter a victim, he has no qualms with lashing them until they give him what he wants.

Christopher Howard Wolf:
David Newbold:
And you! (Not really...)
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